Understanding The Psychology Behind Men’s Love For Muscle Cars

Other than perhaps a house or education, we spend more on cars than anything. The average cost of one car is now $33,000 plus 68 months of interest. — Marty Nemko Ph.D.

Despite co-existing ever since the world began, there are some things about men that baffle women. For instance, why do they think that covering half of their face with a beard will make them look manlier than ever? Why – even at their 30s – are these guys still enamored by online video games, to the point that they deplete their savings to avail new ones? More importantly, what is it about classic muscle cars that cause men to stare at the vehicle until it goes out of sight?

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Well, the first two questions are not something we can answer since the activities mentioned are matters of preference. However, the love of the male population for muscle cars is too evident to ignore. Regardless of their profession or stature in life, when a 68 El Camino or 70 Chevy Chevelle LS6 passes by, they cannot help but swoon over it. At times, dads even introduce vintage vehicles early to their kids in hopes of sharing their enthusiasm for the classics.

To understand the psychology behind men’s passion for muscle cars, here are some of the reasons they give.

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  1. Vintage Autos Demand Respect And Attention

The first thing to take note of about muscle cars is that they are not as big as monster trucks, yet their engines produce such loud noises. It is hard to miss even in a sea of vehicles in a parking lot. When the driver starts the car, everyone within hearing distance may look at its direction and not be mad about the sound.

Although not all guys may be vocal when it comes to showing their respect for a muscle car, you can instantly tell how they feel based on their actions. When on the road, they give way for it. There’s no way for them not to pay a second or third glance to the auto as well whether it’s moving or not.

  1. It Projects Masculinity

Even in the decades when manufacturers started building muscle cars, you will notice that only a specific type of men drive around in them. If it isn’t the heavily tattooed guys who seem capable of lifting people above their heads, it’s the celebrities and other high-profile individuals. You have probably seen the likes of James Bond riding vintage autos as well.

As headlights became narrower, cars were rated as more masculine, and cars with broad, wide grills were rated as more socially dominant. — Ryan T. Howell Ph.D.

This symbol of masculinity is usually what makes muscle cars very appealing in the eyes of men. Even if you are not fond of guns or tattoos, even if you are not famous, getting to sit in one can increase your machismo.

  1. The Restoration Process Is Exciting

Last but not the least, many guys want to have a muscle car due to the prospect of being able to restore it. The idea of opening a vehicle and figuring out which parts require recalibration or replacement seems to excite them. It may be no different from disassembling and assembling Lego blocks. Only, you are working on something that you can use for real transportation.

Some folks who have no idea about car restorations tend to hire professionals to complete the job on time. Others do not mind traveling across the country to obtain the pieces that will return the vehicle’s gorgeousness. Money becomes the least of their problems too – there’s no budget cap as long as the muscle car gets restored.

With apologies or perhaps as depicted by Jason Statham, a new study suggests those who view their car as an extension of themselves have stronger aggressive driving tendencies. — Rick Nauert PhD

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To Sum Things Up

Seeing men fall head over heels for muscle cars up to this day should no longer surprise you. Such kinds of vehicles have been around since the 1960s. They deserve recognition and respect for being able to roll in the streets alongside the newest autos. Not to mention, pulling up in one can make heads turn and mouths gape open in awe. Who wouldn’t want to own a muscle car if that is the reaction you will often get?