Why Your Counselor May Suggest Leisure Car Rides For Your Mental Health

For many people, riding automobiles induces a significant amount of stress and anxiety. Getting stuck in traffic and the commute adds to this. This is why being in a city or a densely populated area can be extremely dreadful. Sometimes, all you want to do is to escape.

Surely, being stuck behind the wheel can be stressful when you live in an urban area. But in the right situation, riding a car could be a form of therapeutic activity that benefits your well-being. Based on a study from the University of California, motorcycle rides may have the same effect as a gym workout to alleviate stress.

Furthermore, according to 2017 research, approximately 62% of individuals enjoy driving or riding vehicles just for fun. It can be a form of making memories and a chance to explore various destinations for most people. But did you know that leisure car rides are also known to have mental health benefits? Here are the reasons why your counselor may suggest this activity to you:

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Provides You Time To Think Alone

We all need to have little time for ourselves occasionally. Research suggests that spending time alone can have certain psychological benefits. Solitude can allow you to stimulate your emotional and intellectual capacities. It can help you better understand your situation and may result in a deeper understanding of your sense of self.

Going on long car rides, in this case, is the best opportunity to achieve this. It is a great way to unwind and have fun at the same time. Leisure car rides can provide you with the perfect solitary setting that you need. Your counselor might advise you to take these joy rides whenever you feel overwhelmed but can still drive.

When clearing your mind, you will also have the opportunity to reflect on the essential things in your life. For example, you can reflect on your goals, needs, and desires. Ultimately, you will learn the importance of taking time off from everything in your life. You might need this even more if you live in a congested and population-dense area. 

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Practicing Mindfulness To Reduce Stress

Leisure car rides are also the perfect setting to practice mindfulness. It is a form of meditation where you recognize your presence at a particular moment. When you become more attuned with your surroundings, thoughts, and emotions, you will feel more relaxed. You can achieve this through the quiet environment which car rides provide.

Simply changing your scenery can alleviate your acute stress, especially if there is a lot of tension coming from your school or workplace. A change in scenery might let you emotionally and mentally detach from your problems, if temporarily. You might find that passing through different areas or landscapes calms you down more than anything. 

Your counselor might recommend leisure car rides as a form of meditation to reduce your stress. What you need to keep in mind is practicing calm driving conditions. Remember to check the road you will drive on. Ensure that there aren’t many things that can distract you from driving. You should also look into the weather because it is better to take a joy ride in good weather. Finally, consider the time of day when you will take a drive. Ideally, you should not be on the road with many other drivers.

Helps You Regain Control

Aside from clearing your mind and reducing stress, leisure car rides can also help you gain control. Being a passenger in a public commute or even in someone else’s car can make you feel trapped. When you are stuck in traffic, you are unable to do anything. This might make you feel powerless. This feeling is similar to when you have felt frustrated and disappointed in yourself or in something that happened in your life. 

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A car ride might simulate the feeling of control for you. Being behind the wheel suggests that you are in control of where the car will go and, therefore, control your future. You might even feel a sense of independence during a good drive. Contrary to the helplessness when you are a passenger, the freedom that driving your car offers is pleasurable and powerful. 

Whether you feel the pressure to perform better or simply cannot grasp your freedom, a drive will surely do you good. Driving offers opportunities to self-reflect, but also it lets you do this while you are in control. This allows you to develop some confidence, first in your driving skills and later on in life in general.

Long Bumpy Rides Give You An Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline is the hormone released when you experience a stressful and dangerous situation that excites your body. While car rides and drives are usually leisurely, you can be experimental because you know your way around a car. Your counselor will encourage you to take a drive to help stimulate your mind and body. However, they will discourage risky behavior, especially if you are not in the best of dispositions.

However, if they trust you, they might encourage a little adrenaline in the form of bumpy rides or driving courses. An adrenaline rush is said to make you feel alive, if momentarily. It makes your heart beat faster, which increases the blood flow in your muscles. However, there is no scientific evidence claiming that this sensation makes you genuinely feel alive. Nonetheless, feeling some safe excitement can contribute to a positive change in your mindset. 

All in all, going for a car ride or a drive is a good idea. You can even opt to take a few days of vacation from work or school and change your surroundings for an extended period. Remember what they always say: the journey you take is as important as where you’re headed. So stop and smell the roses, take in your surroundings and remember to reflect on yourself during your drive. 

Road Rage

What is road rage? Why is there road rage? What are the causes of road rage? How can we avoid road rage?

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Certainly, the rise of automobiles has improved transportation throughout the world. Driving became a necessity of mankind to travel and to import goods and products. For some, driving can be a relaxing activity you can enjoy, especially when the road is wide and the sun is out. 

However, in the last few decades, there is an observable increase in automobiles in streets resulting in crowding and congestion. And if you are always driving, chances are you have often encountered bad drivers, traffic jams, and roadworks.

Along with the frustration, you may feel stress and anger while driving. This is fairly normal and common for most people. Yet, if you find yourself engaging in aggression while on the road, you may be exhibiting road rage. Read further to know how counseling can help you overcome this behavioral problem.

What Is Road Rage?

Road rage is an episode where an auto driver exhibits explosive anger due to the inconveniences on the road. Road rage is seen as a form of retaliation against another incident or person while driving. Often, a raging driver believes that the other driver offended or wronged them. This makes them want to take revenge.

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Road rage can manifest in actions like racing with or aggressively overtaking another driver. It can also be purposely cutting another person while they are changing lanes. It can also take the form of verbally abusing and assaulting the other driver, screaming, and shouting. However, the defining characteristic of road rage is the manifestation of underlying anger issues. Therefore, road rage can be seen in forms such as:

  • Honking
  • Speeding
  • Weaving
  • Ramming intentionally
  • Tailgating
  • Driving on sidewalks

Although road rage may be portrayed as scenes of drivers threatening each other, this may not always be the case. Historically, road rage has been linked to violence. According to the AutoVantage Club, approximately 37% of incidents involve firearms in the United States alone. In addition, an estimated 218 murders and 12,610 injuries in the last 7 years are associated with road rage.

The Common Causes Of Road Rage

Road rage often comes from personal stress, which can be attributed to inconveniences experienced when driving. In addition, it may come from the environmental circumstances drivers face while on the road. Aside from these, there may be psychological stressors aggravating this episode. They may come from work, family, or other sources.

When drivers are stuck in their automobiles, for example, they feel not being in control of these circumstances. As a result, they tend to feel frustrated and upset, so they project these feelings on such aggressive activities, hence road rage.

Here are some of the major causes of road issues:

  • Being stuck in heavy traffic
  • Being less apprehensive because of anonymity on the road
  • Being distracted while driving
  • Being extremely impatient

Oftentimes, road rage also comes from your initial reaction triggered by the behavior of others. Depending on your temperament, these can lead you to lose control of your behavior. It can result in inappropriate aggression when driving, especially when you cannot stay calm during uncontrollable instances. 

How Counseling Can Help With Road Rage?

Seeking help from a counselor or any type of mental health professional can help you deal with road rage. Like any form of behavioral problem, this event might be a form of underlying anger or anxiety disorder. The difference is that it manifests on the road.

Counseling can help you understand these causes and roots. They may examine your daily life and your psychological stressors. Your counselor will encourage you to openly discuss these stressors and guide you on dealing with them. 

For instance, your anger may have come from frustrations in your married life. In this case, your counselor will focus on the specificity of your problems in marriage. In addition, they may ask to involve your family in counseling to help you develop a healthy coping mechanism.

Your counselor can also help you lessen the impact of road rage on your daily life. They may teach you basic anger management skills and techniques you can use.

You can utilize these whenever you feel extremely frustrated, stressed, anxious, and out of control on the road. Here are some of the simple tips you can follow to be calmer when driving:

  • Remind yourself to be calmer before driving
  • Avoid engaging in silent competition while on the road
  • Be polite towards your fellow drivers
  • Gradually avoid tailgating other drivers
  • Make visible gestures instead of yelling out the window
  • Practice apologizing when you made a mistake on the road
  • Use indicators to signal your fellow drivers about your next action
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Road Rage Conclusion

Consult a counselor when you have trouble staying calm when responding to your environmental stressors. Counseling can help you learn how to control your road rage so that you can function efficiently in multiple aspects of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation For Depression

As a valet in a five-star hotel, I was used to driving everything from sedans to sports cars. It was only a short trip from the basement entrance, but I had to become an expert driver to avoid accidents in the parking lot. More often than not, I would receive handsome tips from our clients.

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Unfortunately, when the pandemic came into the picture, the hotel had to stop its operation. Meaning I no longer had guests to offer my valet services to. I tried looking for other jobs while waiting for the hotel to open, but most companies were trying to cut their expenses or retain their employees, so they could not hire more people.

My hopelessness quickly transformed into depression as I did not know if my savings would be enough to feed my family in the coming months. Luckily, I had a level-headed wife. She taught me how to meditate to fight my depression.

Is meditation good for depression? 

Yes, meditation is good for depression. It works because meditation can do the following:

  • Teach you how to see negative situations in a different – calmer – light
  • Improve your coping mechanism skills
  • Prevent you from feeling more depressed
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What type of meditation is best for depression? 

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is the best type of meditation for depression.

Does meditation improve mood? 

Yes, meditation improves mood by keeping you from lashing out when you feel angry, sad, or irritated. It can reduce your stress level, so you have fewer chances of having mood swings.

Which yoga is good for depression? 

Restorative yoga may be one of the most recommended types of yoga for depression, given that it aims to make you feel relaxed and collected after every session.

What is the primary cause of depression? 

Changing neurological patterns is the primary cause of depression.

How long should I meditate? 

Meditation can last for as long as you wish, to be honest. However, the ideal length for most types of meditation is 40 minutes.

What are the three types of meditation? 

  • Relaxation: It involves learning breathing techniques, body scans, and other exercises to feel relaxed. 
  • Insight: It transcends the physical level and helps an individual become mindful and find inner balance.
  • Visualization: It encourages a person to imagine themselves in a much better state, especially when they encounter a stressful situation. 
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How do you genuinely meditate? 

  • Choose a comfortable position for you. That entails you can lie on your back or sit cross-legged on a floor cushion.
  • Keep your eyes closed. Feel free to use a mask or eye pillow.
  • Breathe naturally. Although some meditation techniques require you to count your inhales and exhales, it is not always necessary.
  • With your eyes shut, feel how your chest swells when you take a deep breath and compresses when you let the air out of your lungs. This process can also affect your stomach, rib cage, and shoulders. Focus on all these things until you reach the meditative state, and all your attention goes to your breathing. 

How do you meditate in bed? 

If you wish to meditate in bed, that’s okay. You can try the following steps:

  • Make yourself comfortable. Your bed should ideally be big enough to keep your arms and legs from hanging out. In case that’s not possible, you can lie down on the floor.
  • Straighten your back. Avoid slouching or curving it. If need be, imagine your entire spine glued to the bed. The idea is that this posture will allow you to breathe correctly.
  • Open up your legs a bit, making sure your feet align with either side of your hips.
  • Extend your arms comfortably beside you. Your palms should be facing up.
  • Try not to use a pillow if possible.
  • Look up without straining your neck and focus on a spot on the ceiling.
  • Press the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth. Doing so may open your mouth slightly.
  • Perform a leg lift by raising both legs a little. Hold that position before letting them drop naturally.
  • Allow your lower back and butt muscles to tense up so that you can lift your hips and drop them, just like you did with your legs.
  • Raise your upper back without your lower back and butt leaving the bed, and then drop it gently.
  • Flex your arms while clenching your fists powerfully. Do it for a few seconds.
  • Swing your face side to side and up and down.

What’s the best type of meditation for anxiety? 

Mindfulness-based meditation is the best type for anxiety.

Does meditation cause depression? 

While rare, one out of 12 people who try meditation end up feeling more depressed than before they do it. It mostly happens when an individual has an undiagnosed depression, which means that the mind does the opposite of what you want it to do.

How can meditation reduce stress? 

Meditation can reduce stress by encouraging you to focus on how your body naturally reacts when you inhale and exhale. The more you pour your focus on this simple process, the more you can forget what you are stressing about.

Is yoga good for anxiety and depression? 

Yes, yoga is good for anxiety and depression. In truth, many people liken it to meditation in the sense that it can soothe your mind and prevent you from worrying about everything.

Which yoga pose is best for anxiety? 

There are various yoga poses for anxiety, but the best one is perhaps the hero pose. It can be done by kneeling, keeping your feet apart, straightening your spine, and holding this position for at least five minutes. 

What kind of exercise is good for depression?

Aerobic exercise is good for depression.

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Final Thoughts

I felt awkward doing meditation in the beginning since I had never done that before. I also did not know how to breathe correctly and ended up distracting my wife one too many times. Despite that, she patiently taught me what to do, and I practically left all my worries to the universe. With my newfound sense of clarity and expertise, I managed to become an ambulance driver.


How A Car Can Help Ease Your Mental Health Troubles

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I did not have the best start in college. For one, I wanted to pursue Fine Arts or anything art-related, but my parents thought that was a waste of money and time. No matter how much I said I wanted to paint for the rest of my life, they countered, “You should go on your computer and find how many celebrated artists died poor or hungry then.” They dismissed my idea and made me enter the medical school program, considering I had the GPA for it.

Then, since the university was in California and my hometown was in Ohio, I thought my parents would let me get an apartment or live in a dormitory. I had always wanted to practice my independence and not be surrounded by family members who often told me what to do. However, I forgot that Gran Peggy, my mother’s mother, lived close to the university. The sounds of protest could not escape my mouth when we arrived at her house, and my father brought my luggage straight to her guestroom.

On top of all that, since my heart was not into medicine, my grades began to slip when the school year began. I tried to keep up for a month, but I could not force myself to attend the classes every day. Sometimes, I would only go during quizzes and exams, and I failed some of them. Two months before the finals, I chose to stay at grandma’s house and gave her alibis whenever she asked why I would not leave my room.

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Getting A Car For The First Time

One morning, my grandmother shook me awake. I was a little groggy because it was the first time in three days that I managed to fall asleep. She wanted me to go downstairs with her, but I said I was tired (that was true). Still, she pulled me out of bed and towards the window and pointed at something on the roadside. When I looked down, I saw a car with a big blue bow on it.

Surprised, I asked, “Is that for me?”

“Who else will I buy it for?” Gran replied, grinning.

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I hugged her tight, smiling genuinely, before running downstairs to take the car for a spin. I kept on driving until I could no longer see houses, until I felt lighter than ever. And I thought of how having a car could help ease a person’s mental health.

It Can Take You Away From Your Problems (Literally)

One of the things that I hated the most when I was depressed was my inability to leave my depression hole (a.k.a. my bedroom). I spent two whole months there and only went out a couple of times to buy snacks and keep Gran from noticing that something was wrong with me. However, it felt like I would not be able to get better until I left that place. Unfortunately, I did not have a job back then and lived off parents’ money, so I could not afford to move out of my grandmother’s house.

When Gran gave me a car, though, my entire perspective changed, and I felt a renewed sense of hope that I could get away from my problems. Instead of moping around in my room, after all, I could drive towards the coastal road and watch the ocean. Instead of feeling miserable all day, I could leave the house and do something fun. I would not need to come back until it was nighttime, and my mood would have improved by then. 

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It Is An Excellent Distraction

Before the finals came, I felt a desire to fix my grades and pass the last exams for the semester. Since I pretty much drifted for months and did not pay attention to any class, I had to cram four or five months’ worth of lessons in my brain within two weeks. I know it was awful, but I had no other choice if I did not want to start all over again.

After a week of studying non-stop, I wanted to give up again. But then, I saw how dusty my car was and thought of cleaning it by myself. So, with the water hose, soap, and sponge, I scrubbed the grime off every surface of the vehicle. I even found an old toothbrush that I used to make sure the tires would be as good as new afterward.

I realized then that cleaning a car took much effort, but it served as an excellent distraction. In the two hours that I was doing it, I did not think of the humongous piles of books that I had to read – I just focused on removing the dirt off my car. When I went back to the house later, my head no longer felt congested with information, and it became easier to go through my lessons.

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Fast Forward To 2020

I cleaned up my act and became a full-pledged neurosurgeon, thank you very much. I barely passed my subjects during the first semester, but I worked harder than ever from then on, and my GPA never dropped again.

As for my dream of being a painter, I still did it. I bought a canvas and cans of paint one weekend, realizing that I did not need a Fine Arts degree to make it happen. Some friends saw my artworks, and they helped me find a curator that would like to put them up in an art gallery. Hence, once or twice a year, I would hold an exhibit and send all the proceeds to charity.

My life would not have turned out like this, if not for the car that my grandma gave to me.


Pros And Cons Of Owning A Muscle Car When You’re A Family Man

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As a child of the 70s, I always felt the happiest whenever my father allowed me to ride shotgun in his Ford Mustang Boss 302. Since my birth, it had been in the family, and he always treated it like his third most-prized possession (the first and second were my mother and me, of course).

One day, I asked my father why he took care of his muscle car so much. He said, “Muscle cars can endure a century if you maintain it well. I want you to be able to use it when you become an adult and perhaps pass it on to your eldest child once you get married.”

Once it happened, I felt conflicted about keeping the muscle car that I inherited. I loved it as much as Dad did, but I’m already a family man with other priorities. Thus, my wife helped me weigh the pros and cons.


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Maintain Masculinity

Before having a child, I saw this reality TV show from South Korea that my wife used to love. The idea was that celebrity dads would have to take care of their kids for 48 hours straight without their spouses. Then, one man who always looked after his twins started losing his muscles and showing more emotions. It meant that he was becoming more feminine — more like a mother.

When the dad realized that, he tried doing sports again, which he took for granted to look after his children. Sometimes, he would even take them with him whenever he played tennis or soccer. That’s how he regained his masculinity.

Because of what I witnessed in that show, I realized that I should not get rid of my muscle car even when my kids came along. I wanted to be the best husband and father that my family could ask for, so it would mean sharing parenting duties and possibly even letting my wife take a day off from looking after all of us. On the days when I could get out of the house, though, I could drive around in my muscle car and maintain my masculinity.

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Keep A Hobby That You Love

After a month of experiencing fatherhood, I experienced mild post-partum depression (PPD). I know that some people already wonder, “Isn’t that condition for mothers only?” Well, no, it is not exclusive to women. Dads could deal with PPD, too, mostly if they were as hands-on as I had been since day one.

What depressed me was the fact that I could hardly have a social life anymore. I used to attend a poker night at my friend’s house, and it would go on until before the sun rises. I also managed to drink in bars on the weekends, considering I would not come home and puke my guts out. But since I felt terrible for letting my wife wake up every two or three hours to feed our baby and change their diapers, I turned down all the invitations.

Fortunately, the muscle car pulled me out of depression. Whenever I felt frustrated, I would merely sit at the driver’s seat and turn on the radio for at least an hour in our garage. If I needed a quick change of scenery, I would take it for a spin in the city and see people take a second look at my vehicle. That always made me smile and boosted my self-confidence.

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Avoid Getting Consumed By Family Life

There’s nothing wrong with men who allowed family life to consume their lives. I met many househusbands who chose to leave their impressive jobs to take care of their loved ones. They were happy with the new setup and did not feel like anything was amiss.

However, my wife and I both agreed that it was not ideal for us to get consumed by family life. For her part, she kept her job and joined yoga classes. As for me, I kept my muscle car and drove it to and from work every day. That’s how we thought of maintaining our identities.


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Deal With Extra Expenses

The only downside of holding on to my muscle car was that I had to buy an SUV whenever we traveled. As much as I loved the muscle car, it did not have any contraption that would keep our baby safe from any harm on the road. I would be taking a lot of risks if I insisted on letting them ride it. Hence, that’s one extra expenditure that we could not avoid.

With three cars at home (including my wife’s sedan), we had to spend thousands of dollars to ensure that they’re always functioning in tiptop shape. Luckily, my best friend owned an auto shop, so we often got discounts, but it was still a lot of money.   


With the pros overpowering the cons, keeping the muscle car was the obvious choice.


Sanitizing Your Car To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19


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Americans have different ways of cleaning their cars. But issues about the coronavirus pandemic and its transmission have changed the way car cleanliness is seen, since the virus can thrive on several kinds of surfaces that may contaminate car owners or other users. A lot of Americans have careers, shop for essentials regularly, or visit their family and friends, so they cannot just stop driving.

Here are some tips on how you can sanitize your car to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When To Clean

If you know someone who is possibly positive of the virus and has ridden or driven your car, cleaning it is a must. But the recommendation is that you should wait for up to three days after that person has exited your car before getting inside it. Studies reveal that the virus can stay up to three days on plastic and steel surfaces.

Remember that individuals with preexisting conditions like asthma, heart disease, respiratory illness, and diabetes, including the elderly, are classified as high-risk for COVID-19. If you have plans of bringing a high-risk person in your car, you are also advised to disinfect your car before and after transporting the said individual.

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Parts To Be Cleaned

Though physical contact is not the main method of transmission, it is one of the most common ways to spread the infection. Thus, cleaning the areas that you as the driver and your passengers are most likely to come in contact with. These are usually the trunk and hood releases, door handles, gas caps, and most parts inside the car. On the interior, the steering wheel is first on the list of the most important areas to clean. Then move on to the dashboard, including its controls and buttons, emergency brake, shifter, seat controls, glove box, buckles, and seatbelts.

The virus can also proliferate through air droplets that are expelled from the mouth of an infected individual who sneezes, talks, or coughs. This is why you must sanitize almost all parts of your car on the interior. Gas pump handles are not frequently touched but still need cleaning, so it is best to place a box of disposable plastics, masks, gloves, and a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car all the time, especially during this time. Every time you fill up gas, use your gloves and dispose of them immediately after filling up.

How To Disinfect

The most basic step in sanitizing your car is to get rid of anything that you don’t need, like leftover food or chips, plastic packages, and other wastes that you might have placed in the cabin while you were driving. Also, removing heavy or large items will provide you with more space inside the car, plus it also helps improve your mileage. Standard cleaning agents for exterior and interior plastics, carpets, and windows can be used.

However, preventing further spread of the coronavirus requires more than just cleaning your car but disinfecting it. There are different household sprays and wipes that are specially made to eliminate germs and viruses, and they are effective enough to use in your car’s interior. You can spray carpets and upholstery while the wipes are effective on hard surfaces.

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What To Wear

If you have some gloves and an apron somewhere in your home, then they’re best paired with your cleaning clothes when you disinfect your car. These are comfortable and easy to wash when you’re done with your cleaning project.

If you do suspect that someone who is infected with the coronavirus has been inside your car, you must be extra cautious. If possible, wear surgical masks and goggles to protect your nose, mouth, and eyes while cleaning. And right after you sanitize, separate the disposable things you used from your clothes and place the disposable items in a garbage bag. Seal it snugly and throw it far from the house or your household appliances. As for the clothes you used for cleaning, make sure that you wash them immediately, and you do not mix it in your other clothes. Finally, when the job is done, remember to wash your hands with soap and water.



Why You Should See The LA Auto Show

I had always been interested in going to automobile shows, but I never had a chance to do it until last year. While browsing through 2019 car show events, I found the LA Auto Show. My friends and fellow car enthusiasts had attended it a few years ago, and they talked about the event as if it had only happened yesterday. So, I made sure to buy tickets for it.

Was it worth the money? Yes! I got the “Any Day” ticket, so I paid 20 bucks. It. Was. Worth. Every. Penny. 

Here’s what you can do at this particular car show. 

Source: pixabay.com

Check Out The Best Cars

The LA Auto Show is well-known globally as a one-stop shop for the best automobiles. You won’t find a single mediocre car there; everything has a high value. Even if you cannot afford them, it is already an achievement to see the vehicles in person and perhaps take photos next to them.

Meet Famous Car Dealers And Collectors

Most of the vehicles showcased at auto shows are typically not from the organizer’s garage. Instead, they invite collectors and dealers to bring their best cars and amaze the other attendees. These people tend to mingle around, so that’s your chance to shake hands with famous car lovers.

Source: pixabay.com

Expand Your Network

In case you want to start an automobile-related business (e.g., detailing, repair, dealership, etc.), a car show can be of great help. It’s where you can get to know many individuals who do not mind spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on their vehicles. Once you befriend or exchange contact numbers with at least one of them, your network—and business—can expand exponentially.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, attending a car show is not as expensive as you think. The tickets do not cost much; the high number of automobiles on display makes it more affordable in everyone’s eyes. Even if you don’t do it annually, try it once for an experience of a lifetime.


FAQs On Car Sales And Maintenance During The Outbreak


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In the late winter months, it became evident that the COVID-19 outbreak was going to transform the lives of everyone worldwide. The daily stresses and anxiety have tremendously heightened as well. This current reality has brought along a conveyor belt of urgencies that are keeping people from living the lives they used to have. This article is to help car owners minimize or eliminate their worries on car maintenance and to add knowledge and information for those who are planning to buy a new car in the time of a global crisis. Read on and learn from these FAQs.

Are there new-car deals and benefits now?

Yes! Car manufacturers are working on support sales during this time of uncertainty, so a lot of them are providing low or even 0% interest loans to qualified buyers. Others are also offering deferments to existing car owners, although these deals that are being offered will possibly change as the circumstances change.

How can car owners defer payments for their existing cars?

A lot of car dealers are providing deferment of payments, but car owners will need to communicate with their lenders to benefit from them. Most payment deferment plans are catered to loans, and sometimes banks are also offering these deferments to car loan consumers. If their loans are channeled through the banks, and they’re having difficulty paying the whole amount of paying on time because of the global crisis, they are advised to talk to their lender to know if they’re willing to make adjustments with these issues.

How can people save money by purchasing a used car?

These may be trying times, but the existing guidelines remain. If you are interested in buying a car and you talk to a dealer to hopefully get a good deal, you will almost be sure to get one. Car dealers suggest that they shop for cars online for the future.

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Car buyers are worried about a forthcoming recession. Should this affect their plans?

It is still too soon to foresee the status of the world economy in the months or years to come, but it is normal for people to wonder if it’s the right time to spend a significant amount. The answer to this question lies in the buyer’s finances and the status of their existing cars. But it is recommended that they do not spend more than $35,000. There are many affordable new and second-hand cars available on the market.

Can you hire someone to fix my car during this time?

You can almost be sure that you can have your car fixed. Car service centers are believed to be among the businesses that are open even in shelter-in-place areas, but the operating hours are modified to comply with state guidelines. But whether or not you can get your car fixed in the middle of the outbreak is another concern. Car service providers suggest that they wait when the time is less complicated if your car issues are minor and don’t affect safe driving. You can also try fixing your car yourself if you are capable.

How do car owners maintain their cars during the outbreak?

Leaving your car unused in the garage can cause many problems. Rats might chew some wires, the battery may not function, or it may have a flat tire. If you are having trouble getting your car outside, we suggest you start your vehicle up to warm the machine at least once a week. If it’s possible, driving around the neighborhood would even be better. Perhaps you can do the oil or light bulb change yourself if you know how to do it. You save money, and you get to take care of the little things that your car might need while you (and the car, of course) are on quarantine.

How do car owners disinfect their cars?

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Keeping your car clean and disinfected inside and out has never been more crucial. If you can’t avoid giving someone a ride that is not a family member, it’s important that you wipe your car thoroughly before and after that passenger is in the car. You must also clean your vehicle after you have visited public places like supermarkets, gas stations, or when you’re coming home from work.



Why Muscle Cars Can’t Be Newbies’ First Vehicle

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Attending the 2017 Automotive Summit has shown me how many people genuinely love cars. Looking around hundreds of people in the crowd, I saw everyone listening attentively to the guest speakers. The panelists consisted of car manufacturers and even restorers.

The event was quite unique, given that they had various cars on display. Even my personal favorite—muscle cars—had a spot in the middle of it all. When I stood near a Corvette, though, I could not help but overhear young professionals talking about cars. As it turned out, one of them was a newly licensed driver. They were looking to buy an auto, and their first choice was a muscle car.

I knew it would be rude to join the conversation, but the idea that those people had was a little rocky. Here’s why.

Muscle Cars Are More Dangerous Than Contemporary Cars
Back in the day, manufacturers built autos without safety in mind. They did not add seatbelts or airbags to protect the driver and passengers in case of collision. Thus, if an inexperienced driver gets behind the wheels, they may get in a lot of trouble.

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Owning A Muscle Car Is Expensive In More Ways Than One
Buying a fully functioning muscle car in the 21st century typically means that you need hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around. You can get a rusty one at a much cheaper rate, but it requires an overhaul. Besides, gasoline is always costlier than diesel, and that’s what’s fueling all muscle cars. In case you genuinely want this type of vehicle, you can’t be a minimum wage earner.

Muscle Cars May Not Be Very Reliable
Muscle cars are comparable to your slowest sibling in the morning. They take forever to warm up; you are all ready to go, but they are not. Unless you modify the engine, it may be faster to ride a bike or hail a cab than to use a muscle car for your daily commute.


A muscle car will always have a soft spot in everyone’s hearts, but we should all be realistic sometimes. This auto can be thrilling to ride, but buying one is not the most economical decision. Think a gazillion times before getting a muscle car, especially if you are a novice driver.

Ways To Ensure You Are Not Paying For A Fake Classic Car

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Despite the love that many men and women show for muscle cars, there is still a whole lot of people who don’t get the logic behind it. “The vehicle comes from the 60s or 70s – that is practically garbage,” some may be bold enough to assume. “It is better and cheaper to buy a new model,” the budget-conscious folks may say.

Although these comments are quite sensical, they don’t realize that obtaining a muscle car is like finding a treasure chest for the aficionados. Yes, there may be ones whose engines no longer work due to years of being unused. Yes, some of the functioning vehicles tend to cost three or four times more than a brand-new auto. However, such facts do not matter as long as they get to claim that they own a muscle car in the end.

If it is your first time buying a classic vehicle, there are ways to ensure that you are paying for an authentic one.

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  1. Look For A Known Seller

The primary thing you can do to avoid a fake muscle car is to look for one in your town. You may have an elderly neighbor who has a 68 El Camino in his garage. Alternatively, he might know of someone who has a vehicle that was made around the same time.

The reason why you want to offer to buy the car from such folks is that they undoubtedly loved that auto to hold on to it for decades. Even if they can no longer drive it often, they keep it safe at home. Hence, you are sure that all of its parts are intact and are free from excessive damage.

  1. Do Your Research

In case you have to search for a seller from scratch, it matters to figure out what vehicle you wish to get. Think of the brand, the model, and even the manufacturing date. It will also help to research on its internal parts, including the transmission lines and engine placed in it back in the day.

Taking this extra step will allow you to distinguish an authentic muscle car from a restored one. If we are honest, there is virtually nothing wrong with the latter because it entails that the parts are now moving well. However, if your goal is to buy the likes of the former, you should learn about the components of the original auto that you want.

  1. Let An Expert Inspect It

Last but not least, if you do not trust yourself to identify a classic from a copycat, it is advisable to take a muscle car expert when you go to see the vehicle. This person ideally knows everything about it and can ask the seller some questions that a first-time buyer like you may never think of. If the car passes his inspection, then that means you can purchase it without worries.

The best fellow for this task is a friend or acquaintance. Assuming you are a muscle car enthusiast for years now, you probably are in contact with folks in this field. Taking that person with you instead of someone that the dealer recommended is better to reduce your chances of getting conned.

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Final Thoughts

While you might hear this tip often, we still find it necessary to tell you to refrain from paying for a vehicle without seeing it with your own eyes. Meaning to say, do not buy from online auctions or people who can merely show you pictures of the muscle car. That makes you more prone to purchasing an auto which is not as classic as you want it to be.

Remember the tips above when you are searching for a muscle car to acquire. Good luck!