How A Car Can Help Ease Your Mental Health Troubles


I did not have the best start in college. For one, I wanted to pursue Fine Arts or anything art-related, but my parents thought that was a waste of money and time. No matter how much I said I wanted to paint for the rest of my life, they countered, “You should go on your computer and find how many celebrated artists died poor or hungry then.” They dismissed my idea and made me enter the medical school program, considering I had the GPA for it.

Then, since the university was in California and my hometown was in Ohio, I thought my parents would let me get an apartment or live in a dormitory. I had always wanted to practice my independence and not be surrounded by family members who often told me what to do. However, I forgot that Gran Peggy, my mother’s mother, lived close to the university. The sounds of protest could not escape my mouth when we arrived at her house, and my father brought my luggage straight to her guestroom.

On top of all that, since my heart was not into medicine, my grades began to slip when the school year began. I tried to keep up for a month, but I could not force myself to attend the classes every day. Sometimes, I would only go during quizzes and exams, and I failed some of them. Two months before the finals, I chose to stay at grandma’s house and gave her alibis whenever she asked why I would not leave my room.


Getting A Car For The First Time

One morning, my grandmother shook me awake. I was a little groggy because it was the first time in three days that I managed to fall asleep. She wanted me to go downstairs with her, but I said I was tired (that was true). Still, she pulled me out of bed and towards the window and pointed at something on the roadside. When I looked down, I saw a car with a big blue bow on it.

Surprised, I asked, “Is that for me?”

“Who else will I buy it for?” Gran replied, grinning.


I hugged her tight, smiling genuinely, before running downstairs to take the car for a spin. I kept on driving until I could no longer see houses, until I felt lighter than ever. And I thought of how having a car could help ease a person’s mental health.

It Can Take You Away From Your Problems (Literally)

One of the things that I hated the most when I was depressed was my inability to leave my depression hole (a.k.a. my bedroom). I spent two whole months there and only went out a couple of times to buy snacks and keep Gran from noticing that something was wrong with me. However, it felt like I would not be able to get better until I left that place. Unfortunately, I did not have a job back then and lived off parents’ money, so I could not afford to move out of my grandmother’s house.

When Gran gave me a car, though, my entire perspective changed, and I felt a renewed sense of hope that I could get away from my problems. Instead of moping around in my room, after all, I could drive towards the coastal road and watch the ocean. Instead of feeling miserable all day, I could leave the house and do something fun. I would not need to come back until it was nighttime, and my mood would have improved by then. 


It Is An Excellent Distraction

Before the finals came, I felt a desire to fix my grades and pass the last exams for the semester. Since I pretty much drifted for months and did not pay attention to any class, I had to cram four or five months’ worth of lessons in my brain within two weeks. I know it was awful, but I had no other choice if I did not want to start all over again.

After a week of studying non-stop, I wanted to give up again. But then, I saw how dusty my car was and thought of cleaning it by myself. So, with the water hose, soap, and sponge, I scrubbed the grime off every surface of the vehicle. I even found an old toothbrush that I used to make sure the tires would be as good as new afterward.

I realized then that cleaning a car took much effort, but it served as an excellent distraction. In the two hours that I was doing it, I did not think of the humongous piles of books that I had to read – I just focused on removing the dirt off my car. When I went back to the house later, my head no longer felt congested with information, and it became easier to go through my lessons.


Fast Forward To 2020

I cleaned up my act and became a full-pledged neurosurgeon, thank you very much. I barely passed my subjects during the first semester, but I worked harder than ever from then on, and my GPA never dropped again.

As for my dream of being a painter, I still did it. I bought a canvas and cans of paint one weekend, realizing that I did not need a Fine Arts degree to make it happen. Some friends saw my artworks, and they helped me find a curator that would like to put them up in an art gallery. Hence, once or twice a year, I would hold an exhibit and send all the proceeds to charity.

My life would not have turned out like this, if not for the car that my grandma gave to me.


Pros And Cons Of Owning A Muscle Car When You’re A Family Man


As a child of the 70s, I always felt the happiest whenever my father allowed me to ride shotgun in his Ford Mustang Boss 302. Since my birth, it had been in the family, and he always treated it like his third most-prized possession (the first and second were my mother and me, of course).

One day, I asked my father why he took care of his muscle car so much. He said, “Muscle cars can endure a century if you maintain it well. I want you to be able to use it when you become an adult and perhaps pass it on to your eldest child once you get married.”

Once it happened, I felt conflicted about keeping the muscle car that I inherited. I loved it as much as Dad did, but I’m already a family man with other priorities. Thus, my wife helped me weigh the pros and cons.



Maintain Masculinity

Before having a child, I saw this reality TV show from South Korea that my wife used to love. The idea was that celebrity dads would have to take care of their kids for 48 hours straight without their spouses. Then, one man who always looked after his twins started losing his muscles and showing more emotions. It meant that he was becoming more feminine — more like a mother.

When the dad realized that, he tried doing sports again, which he took for granted to look after his children. Sometimes, he would even take them with him whenever he played tennis or soccer. That’s how he regained his masculinity.

Because of what I witnessed in that show, I realized that I should not get rid of my muscle car even when my kids came along. I wanted to be the best husband and father that my family could ask for, so it would mean sharing parenting duties and possibly even letting my wife take a day off from looking after all of us. On the days when I could get out of the house, though, I could drive around in my muscle car and maintain my masculinity.


Keep A Hobby That You Love

After a month of experiencing fatherhood, I experienced mild post-partum depression (PPD). I know that some people already wonder, “Isn’t that condition for mothers only?” Well, no, it is not exclusive to women. Dads could deal with PPD, too, mostly if they were as hands-on as I had been since day one.

What depressed me was the fact that I could hardly have a social life anymore. I used to attend a poker night at my friend’s house, and it would go on until before the sun rises. I also managed to drink in bars on the weekends, considering I would not come home and puke my guts out. But since I felt terrible for letting my wife wake up every two or three hours to feed our baby and change their diapers, I turned down all the invitations.

Fortunately, the muscle car pulled me out of depression. Whenever I felt frustrated, I would merely sit at the driver’s seat and turn on the radio for at least an hour in our garage. If I needed a quick change of scenery, I would take it for a spin in the city and see people take a second look at my vehicle. That always made me smile and boosted my self-confidence.


Avoid Getting Consumed By Family Life

There’s nothing wrong with men who allowed family life to consume their lives. I met many househusbands who chose to leave their impressive jobs to take care of their loved ones. They were happy with the new setup and did not feel like anything was amiss.

However, my wife and I both agreed that it was not ideal for us to get consumed by family life. For her part, she kept her job and joined yoga classes. As for me, I kept my muscle car and drove it to and from work every day. That’s how we thought of maintaining our identities.



Deal With Extra Expenses

The only downside of holding on to my muscle car was that I had to buy an SUV whenever we traveled. As much as I loved the muscle car, it did not have any contraption that would keep our baby safe from any harm on the road. I would be taking a lot of risks if I insisted on letting them ride it. Hence, that’s one extra expenditure that we could not avoid.

With three cars at home (including my wife’s sedan), we had to spend thousands of dollars to ensure that they’re always functioning in tiptop shape. Luckily, my best friend owned an auto shop, so we often got discounts, but it was still a lot of money.   


With the pros overpowering the cons, keeping the muscle car was the obvious choice.


Looking Back On The Safest Crossovers In 2017 (Part 2)

In connection with the previous article, here are more crossovers that have flourished in 2017. You may want to check them out if you’re going to buy a car that is safe but not too expensive.


Kia Sportage LX

The 2017 Kia Sportage LX runs with 181 HP and can cross 26 MPG on both highway and city. You can ideally purchase it at $22,990. This is better than the 2016 Kia Sportage LX in a lot of respect, such as engine size, fuel capacity, and mileage.

The model is accessible in seven different colors. The wheels’ diameter is 17 inches. The door handles somewhat blend seamlessly to the body of the car since they are of the same hue. The front glass saturates the noise that comes from the outside. The rear glass, on the other hand, is paparazzi-proof and has a timer to adjust the number of minutes it will be heated.

There is a digital display for the backend camera in the central console. It has armrests ready for all the passengers, as well as cup and bottle holders. The coverings of the seats are high-quality fabric, and the rear ones can be inclined backward in seven angles.

It offers remote entry, one-touch window power, and hands-free control of your smartphone. The car has six speakers and a touchscreen monitor, too.

The interior has airbags, stability controls, and brake assistance for diverse environments.


Nissan Murano S

The 2017 Nissan Murano S deserves the price tag amounting to $29,740 due to its high-performance 260-HP engine. It has a fuel efficiency of 28 MPG when driving on the highways.

The newer version of Nissan Murano S now has Vehicle Dynamic Control apart from the Traction Control, which the 2016 model has had.

The alloy wheels of the vehicle have the dimensions of 18 inches by 7.5 inches. LED lights have been utilized for the lamps and indicator signals, as they consume considerably less energy than the others. The tinted backend glass offers privacy to the riders. The driver can also view the rear side of the car through the camera installed there.

The fabrics for the interior can be mocha, cashmere, or graphite. The trimmings that can match those colors are Brushed Silver or Jasper Pearlescent. The backseats can be folded to create a flat surface at the rear.

You can power up the car and open the compartment or doors without using any key. The digital display and central monitor are beautifully colored too. The temperature can be differentiated as well for the driver and front passenger.

The crossover has an anti-lock braking system and electronic brake-force distribution.


Ford Explorer

The 2017 Ford Explorer is a seven-seater crossover that has a standard mileage of 17 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. Its MSRP amounts to $31,660. 

Ford has upgraded the SYNC function in the 2017 model to allow iPhone’s Siri to be integrated into the car and the use of normal speaking voice to make commands.

Since it is a medium-sized vehicle, the diameter of the wheels is 20 inches. There are upper side rails where you can mount a detachable roof rack. The new colors to choose from are white gold, smoked quartz, and canyon ridge.

Three rows of seats can be found inside this car. While the wooden steering wheel is leather-covered and heated, the seats are enveloped in quilted leather. They are also perforated to let some air pass through.

Near the left side are several illuminated buttons, which gives the driver the power to fold the backseat automatically for extra room. The liftgate can be activated by placing your foot underneath the rear compartment. 

The steering wheel will vibrate when the sensors notice that you are veering away from the right lane. A 180-degree camera is fixed on the front part of the vehicle for greater visibility.

Final Thoughts

Buying a 2017 model is not the worst thing that you can do. That is especially true if you are thinking of getting one of the crossovers mentioned here and in the previous article.


Looking Back On The Safest Crossovers In 2017 (Part 1)

The year 2017 was a great one to buy a car. There were a lot of choices available; you did not have to stick with autos with the same vibe. 

In case you miss it, here is another look at the cars that have flourished on that year.


Honda HR-V EX

The 2017 Honda HR-V EX is the second model in the 2017 Honda HR-V line that will come out this year. The fuel tank can be filled up to 13.2 gallons, and the vehicle can cover 28 MPG on average. The price begins at $22,215.

This auto has a slightly larger engine capacity compared to the 2016 model, for its power reaches 141 HP, while the other can only work up to 130 HP. The push-button ignition is a great addition, too.

The car is built with a backend glass that shields the passengers from being LED lights and alternating wipers at the front and rear windows. The roof can be exposed with just a single touch. 

Other than the seats, almost everything can be adjusted mechanically. You may open or close the windows on automatic and heat the seats at the back via the touch-capacitive display on the console.

The users can stream music and hear it from the six speakers attached to the vehicle. It is compatible with Pandora, and you can even text someone through this.

There are three-point belts in every seat and smartly designed airbags on the sides. Cameras and alarms are in full mode, as well.


Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2.0 ES

It has a four-liter engine and can travel up to 24 miles per gallon. The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sports 2.0 ES can be yours starting from $19,975.

In comparison to its 2016 version, the new model has a bigger engine and two more airbags that lets a family or a group of friends visit diverse places without worrying about their car’s capacity.

The wheels of this vehicle are made of lightweight yet sturdy alloy, while the front and backlights are halogen and LED, respectively. A portable carrier can be attached to the roof, as well. 

The coolness that the air conditioner gives off automatically changes depending on the weather outside. Whereas the door handles are covered with chrome, leather protects the steering wheel and the shift stick. Its roof can also be opened electronically so that you can enjoy fresh air on the way to the destination.

Digital devices can be linked to the car through the USB port or Bluetooth system. It has four speakers and lets you access it minus a key.

The vehicle has seven airbags in place, as well as child locks, security alarms, and uphill support.


Mazda CX-3 GX

The 2017 Mazda CX-3 GX can strongly ride through various cities with a SKYACTIV-G engine that works at 146 HP. The initial asking price for the vehicle is $20,695.

This car can reach a greater distance than the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport AT FWD by a mile in a highway. Aside from that, the former has sensors all over that will prevent it from bumping on sidewalks or other vehicles.

It makes use of a cost-efficient LED for the fog, brake, and headlights. The size of the wheel is approximately 18 inches in diameter. The car is available in a total of eight different colors.

The interior of the vehicle shows a combination of the colors black, white, and blue. Its back is spacious enough, considering the consumers can fold down the rear seats by 60%. Also, the driver’s seat can be adjusted in six different ways.

The 2017 Mazda CX-3 has an Infotainment system that will give you a three-dimensional view of the directions and listen to good music through the seven Bose speakers installed inside it. If you need to make or receive calls, you can connect the smartphone to the car and converse using the buttons on the steering wheel.

Alarms have been fixed within the vehicle to avoid impending collisions, observe blind spots, and learn about the traffic at the back.

Final Thoughts

The cars mentioned above are still available on the market now. If you want any of them, feel free to look for one at the nearest dealership.

Good luck!

Why IAP Worldwide’s Success As A Logistics Company Lives On

It takes years of experience and a team of responsible personnel for a corporation such as the IAP Worldwide to be acknowledged as one of the most trusted logistics services providers of United States’ military forces and other government institutions.


The Back Story

Similar to how humanity came about, the IAP Worldwide was a byproduct of several company acquisitions in the past. It began with the construction of Pan Am World Services, Inc. in 1953, which managed the first facility for space launch in the country. The base soon turned into a testing area for missiles and shuttles and persisted to function as such until Johnson Controls, Inc. entirely took over the firm during 1989 and changed Pan Am’s business name to Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc. The new company was in charge of managing and conserving military camps and various properties. They were advocates of discovering more energy-efficient methods to upkeep the armed forces’ facilities.

When the year 1990 came, IAP’s founder picked up the latter, as well as a secondary firm called Readiness Management Support. They combined the two to create the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., which was established in Irmo, South Carolina. They maintained a great camaraderie and mutual respect with diverse sectors of the US armed forces.


Later Acquisitions By The Company

As opposed to what had occurred its predecessors, IAP remained in the hands of its original owner(s). Besides, the company got ahold of many institutions. Some of its highly publicized acquisitions included the G3 Systems Ltd., and Tactical Communication & Network Solutions and Aviation and Logistics businesses of DRS Technologies, Inc. These commercial establishments initially provided engineering, technical support, and aerial resolution services to various national agencies local and abroad, respectively.

The procurement of more companies allows IAP Worldwide to deliver better performance to the clients by having logistics, management, and technological experts in many locations who can respond to job-related requests and issues on time. 


IAP’s Valuability

For the reason that their primary consumers are the people who serve and protect the United States and its inhabitants, the assets that have to be transported from one place to another need to reach the said destination without delay. In more than 63 years that IAP Worldwide Services had serviced a lot of customers, it had always been capable of shipping different items on time across the planet. This is why the company’s success lives on.

Final Thoughts

IAP is not the only company that offers logistics services in the world. It may not be the most popular either, considering you have DHL, FedEx, Air21, and other companies in the game for years. However, their contribution to the US military men and women is so invaluable that no one can probably replace them anytime soon.

If you want to make your mark in any industry, therefore, you should do a little more research on what IAP has done that’s worked for them. From there, you can put two and two together and figure out what works for you.

Good luck!

3 Times You Cannot Buy A Muscle Car


Owning a muscle car is a dream come true for most men. It works as symbols of your stature in life and manliness. It is as if you seem dependable when you are riding one, regardless if you are as thin as a stick.

For some guys, however, owning a muscle car may remain as nothing but a dream. You may not be able to buy one because of the following reasons:

You Have A Big Family

The first thing that may dissuade you from getting a muscle car is if you have a big family. A muscle car, after all, is no different from a small car. It can only accommodate four or five adults, depending on their sizes. If you want to travel with your parents, a couple of siblings and spouses, one of them has to take a cab.

This is one of the problems with muscle cars that no amount of squeezing can fix. It may be better for you to get an SUV instead so that you can all go anywhere comfortably.


You Need To Stay On A Budget

Another thing that can tell you that a muscle car is not meant for you is your need to be on a budget right now. This is typical for people who earn regular wages but live in the metro. The bills that you have to pay for are sometimes higher than or equal to the amount that you get every month.

If that is the case, don’t worry – no one is pressuring you to buy a muscle car. It is not a necessity, especially if you cannot use it much in the big city anyway. Besides, muscle cars run on gas, which is significantly more expensive than diesel. Riding the train or bus may be more suitable for your budget at the moment.


You Don’t Like Going To Repair Shops Often

Getting a muscle car that is in the best condition can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Everything works well; no part requires repairing. However, not everyone has that much cash lying around, so more people opt for rundown muscle cars.

The issue with the latter is that not many repair shops can accept them. You need to look for muscle car restorers precisely so that you can ensure that your auto is in the right hands. You also have to wait for weeks or months before driving it, depending on how much damage the mechanics should fix.

If you are not into going to repair shops often, though, perhaps you need to avoid getting a muscle car.

Final Thoughts

It feels fantastic to be able to say that you are a muscle car owner. No one makes this type of auto anymore; you may find it challenging to get one at dealerships, too. No matter how much you want a muscle car, though, you should always be realistic. Do not buy it if you do not need it or have to eat one meal a day instead of three because of it.

Tips For First Time Car Owners


Getting your first car is probably one of the best things that can happen in your life, primarily if you worked hard to get it. As such, it is imperative on your part to know the basics when it comes to taking good care of the said automobile. Take note that the said vehicle is a representation of who you are. Do not be careless in purchasing your first automobile so that you will not encounter problems or issues in the future. Continue reading Tips For First Time Car Owners