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Ray Sullivan's 1972 GMC Sprint. Yes, it looks like an El Camino, but it is authentic 1972 GMC. The grille is from a 1970 Chevelle & I am considering replacing it with a reproduction '72 grille since the rest of the truck is "authentic". The grille is one of the few pieces that is not original. This is not a restoration: all the chrome on the vehicle dates back to 1972 and even though the wheels are not original equipment, they were installed in the same era. It does have new paint, a new vinyl top and a sprayed bed liner. Engine is 350 c.i. w/ 4 barrel and a few "extras". This pickup is still driven to work & used for hauling (the reason for sprayed bed liner) and towing (the reason for non-stock mirrors - I still have the originals).