Why You Should See The LA Auto Show

I had always been interested in going to automobile shows, but I never had a chance to do it until last year. While browsing through 2019 car show events, I found the LA Auto Show. My friends and fellow car enthusiasts had attended it a few years ago, and they talked about the event as if it had only happened yesterday. So, I made sure to buy tickets for it.

Was it worth the money? Yes! I got the “Any Day” ticket, so I paid 20 bucks. It. Was. Worth. Every. Penny. 

Here’s what you can do at this particular car show. 

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Check Out The Best Cars

The LA Auto Show is well-known globally as a one-stop shop for the best automobiles. You won’t find a single mediocre car there; everything has a high value. Even if you cannot afford them, it is already an achievement to see the vehicles in person and perhaps take photos next to them.

Meet Famous Car Dealers And Collectors

Most of the vehicles showcased at auto shows are typically not from the organizer’s garage. Instead, they invite collectors and dealers to bring their best cars and amaze the other attendees. These people tend to mingle around, so that’s your chance to shake hands with famous car lovers.

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Expand Your Network

In case you want to start an automobile-related business (e.g., detailing, repair, dealership, etc.), a car show can be of great help. It’s where you can get to know many individuals who do not mind spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on their vehicles. Once you befriend or exchange contact numbers with at least one of them, your network—and business—can expand exponentially.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, attending a car show is not as expensive as you think. The tickets do not cost much; the high number of automobiles on display makes it more affordable in everyone’s eyes. Even if you don’t do it annually, try it once for an experience of a lifetime.


FAQs On Car Sales And Maintenance During The Outbreak


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In the late winter months, it became evident that the COVID-19 outbreak was going to transform the lives of everyone worldwide. The daily stresses and anxiety have tremendously heightened as well. This current reality has brought along a conveyor belt of urgencies that are keeping people from living the lives they used to have. This article is to help car owners minimize or eliminate their worries on car maintenance and to add knowledge and information for those who are planning to buy a new car in the time of a global crisis. Read on and learn from these FAQs.

Are there new-car deals and benefits now?

Yes! Car manufacturers are working on support sales during this time of uncertainty, so a lot of them are providing low or even 0% interest loans to qualified buyers. Others are also offering deferments to existing car owners, although these deals that are being offered will possibly change as the circumstances change.

How can car owners defer payments for their existing cars?

A lot of car dealers are providing deferment of payments, but car owners will need to communicate with their lenders to benefit from them. Most payment deferment plans are catered to loans, and sometimes banks are also offering these deferments to car loan consumers. If their loans are channeled through the banks, and they’re having difficulty paying the whole amount of paying on time because of the global crisis, they are advised to talk to their lender to know if they’re willing to make adjustments with these issues.

How can people save money by purchasing a used car?

These may be trying times, but the existing guidelines remain. If you are interested in buying a car and you talk to a dealer to hopefully get a good deal, you will almost be sure to get one. Car dealers suggest that they shop for cars online for the future.

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Car buyers are worried about a forthcoming recession. Should this affect their plans?

It is still too soon to foresee the status of the world economy in the months or years to come, but it is normal for people to wonder if it’s the right time to spend a significant amount. The answer to this question lies in the buyer’s finances and the status of their existing cars. But it is recommended that they do not spend more than $35,000. There are many affordable new and second-hand cars available on the market.

Can you hire someone to fix my car during this time?

You can almost be sure that you can have your car fixed. Car service centers are believed to be among the businesses that are open even in shelter-in-place areas, but the operating hours are modified to comply with state guidelines. But whether or not you can get your car fixed in the middle of the outbreak is another concern. Car service providers suggest that they wait when the time is less complicated if your car issues are minor and don’t affect safe driving. You can also try fixing your car yourself if you are capable.

How do car owners maintain their cars during the outbreak?

Leaving your car unused in the garage can cause many problems. Rats might chew some wires, the battery may not function, or it may have a flat tire. If you are having trouble getting your car outside, we suggest you start your vehicle up to warm the machine at least once a week. If it’s possible, driving around the neighborhood would even be better. Perhaps you can do the oil or light bulb change yourself if you know how to do it. You save money, and you get to take care of the little things that your car might need while you (and the car, of course) are on quarantine.

How do car owners disinfect their cars?

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Keeping your car clean and disinfected inside and out has never been more crucial. If you can’t avoid giving someone a ride that is not a family member, it’s important that you wipe your car thoroughly before and after that passenger is in the car. You must also clean your vehicle after you have visited public places like supermarkets, gas stations, or when you’re coming home from work.