Why You Should See The LA Auto Show

I had always been interested in going to automobile shows, but I never had a chance to do it until last year. While browsing through 2019 car show events, I found the LA Auto Show. My friends and fellow car enthusiasts had attended it a few years ago, and they talked about the event as if it had only happened yesterday. So, I made sure to buy tickets for it.

Was it worth the money? Yes! I got the “Any Day” ticket, so I paid 20 bucks. It. Was. Worth. Every. Penny. 

Here’s what you can do at this particular car show. 

Source: pixabay.com

Check Out The Best Cars

The LA Auto Show is well-known globally as a one-stop shop for the best automobiles. You won’t find a single mediocre car there; everything has a high value. Even if you cannot afford them, it is already an achievement to see the vehicles in person and perhaps take photos next to them.

Meet Famous Car Dealers And Collectors

Most of the vehicles showcased at auto shows are typically not from the organizer’s garage. Instead, they invite collectors and dealers to bring their best cars and amaze the other attendees. These people tend to mingle around, so that’s your chance to shake hands with famous car lovers.

Source: pixabay.com

Expand Your Network

In case you want to start an automobile-related business (e.g., detailing, repair, dealership, etc.), a car show can be of great help. It’s where you can get to know many individuals who do not mind spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on their vehicles. Once you befriend or exchange contact numbers with at least one of them, your network—and business—can expand exponentially.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, attending a car show is not as expensive as you think. The tickets do not cost much; the high number of automobiles on display makes it more affordable in everyone’s eyes. Even if you don’t do it annually, try it once for an experience of a lifetime.


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